AFT licenses its indexes to financial institutions and third-party asset managers.  These financial institutions offer a number of ways to obtain exposure to the indexes. 

Investable products include:

AFT Index/Indicator Third-Party Sponsor/Product Product Type Ticker Symbol(s) Benchmark Bloomberg Ticker Symbol
Diversified Trends Indicator® (DTI®) WisdomTree Managed Futures Strategy Fund ETF WDTI DTITR
S&P Commodity Trends Indicator (S&P CTI)† ELEMENTS S&P Commodity Trends Indicator Exchange- Traded Note ETN LSC SPTICTR

†The S&P CTI uses a random computer selection of any one of the five business days after the end of the month as the monthly roll date. See the Appendix of the “DTI® Methodology”, “CTI® Methodology” and “FTI™ Methodology” for further details.